Product Information

PRN Pain Relief Now was created in response to the large amount of ineffective topical pain relievers available to the public. The majority of these products work as counter-irritants to “distract the brain” from the real pain that is occurring. While some of these can provide temporary relief to certain people there was a need to develop a product that takes it to the next level. Introducing PRN Pain Relief Now!




Product Information

PRN Pain Relief Now contains ingredients that reduce pain 

and inflammation in muscles, tissues and joints. An active component of PRN has even been shown to provide relief from certain types of “nerve pain”. The successful delivery of these ingredients through the skin to the damaged areas is the focus of Mountain Medicinals products. The blend of carefully selected essential oils also promotes an environment that increases healing and enhances recovery. Four or five sprays is usually enough to provide rapid relief for most people.


The Extra Strength Formula is an extension of the original formula using more potent amounts of ingredients as well as the addition of methyl salicylate, which is well know for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. A word of caution to anyone taking blood thinners, such as warfarin, as methyl salicylate may increase the effects. If you are serious about pain relief then PRN Extra Strength was created for you. 


Mountain Medicinals is pleased to have received an endorsement for PRN from a respected clinical researcher!

“Pain associated with a variety of conditions often causes a significant decrease in one’s quality of life. I am pleased to endorse Pain Relief Now (PRN) as a product that can provide rapid relief of muscle, joint, and connective tissue aches and pains associated with a wide spectrum of exercise/physical activity conditions and injuries.  I have found PRN to be much more effective than other over the counter creams, lotions and patches.  If you have pain issues, you should try PRN, it works!”


Dr. Neil G. Little,  PhD., Exercise Physiologist






PRN Pain Relief Now is a new potent topical pain reliever developed by pharmacists in response to the large number of ineffective products on the market. Using ingredients that work and in amounts that are physiologically required to have the desired effects on pain receptors and nerve endings, the synergistic blend of ingredients and the multiple modes of action have proven to provide pain relief across a wide spectrum of painful conditions.

PRN Pain Relief Now

has been successfully used to treat the following painful conditions:


Ingredient list with
 mechanism of action:

Menthol – Counterirritant with cooling sensation. With transdermal penetration, menthol acts on various nerve pathways to reduce the perception of pain.


Camphor – Counterirritant with a warming sensation. With transdermal penetration, camphor desensitizes sensory nerves to reduce sensations of pain.

Methyl Salicylate (Extra Strength formula only) from Wintergreen Oil – Anti-inflammatory action by inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis similar to that of NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen.


Clove Bud essential oil – Nerve ending local anesthetic to reduce transmission of pain signals. Has some anti-inflammation activity due to high Eugenol composition.


Peppermint essential oil – Contributes to the effects of menthol on “cold receptors” and can cause vasodilation that aids in penetration of other topical substances.


Cedarwood essential oil – Anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects.


Rosemary essential oil – Anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation to reduce pain.


Eucalyptus essential oil – Anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood flow to increase healing and reduce pain.


Ethanol – A much better choice of delivery vehicle or solvent than isopropyl alcohol. Ethanol has pain reducing properties as it reduces frequency and intensity of pain impulses by inhibition of nerve endings.


DMSO – Penetrating enhancing properties that deliver the ingredients through the skin into the tissue and nerve endings where they can exert their desired effects.

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