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Vitamin C Serum

I have found that with regular use, my skin tone is has evened out and the red blotches have reduced. I have also found that my skin is smoother and the pores are smaller.

Becky Housenga

Fort Macleod, Alberta Canada

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...I just picked up the spray at your pharmacy here in Penticton and did not realize how well it works on my shoulder after being without for a couple of weeks. I am a firm believer that this product works extremely well and will continue to use it as I do not need to take as many of my very strong painkillers. I will continue to spread the word about PRN. 

Thank you Bryan for your response. I can tell you I have tried prescription medication remedies (no effect);Votaren (limited effect), physio, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine that included acupuncture and cupping. The TCM & cupping gave me some relief but it is the Pain Relief Now on a daily basis that gets me through. I did share this with my orthopedic surgeon and he said "they should be contacting me" Thank you for developing this product. Truly a God send to me."is item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. .

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