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Has PRN Pain Relief Now been assessed and approved by Health Canada for sale?

Yes! The original formula was approved and assigned Natural Product Number #80043493 by Health Canada in 2013. The Extra Strength Formula was approved in July 2014 with a NPN #80051165.

When will the Extra Strength be available for purchase?

The Extra Strength Formula will be available early in January 2015.

Why do you use a metal bottle? Are essential oils safe to be stored in a plastic containers?

The scientific community recommends that essential oils be stored in glass or metal containers. In low concentrations, or highly diluted like some of our competitors, the oils may be incompatible with plastic. Due to our use of pharmaceutical grade Essential Oils in more potent concentrations, we insist in packaging our product in the appropriate metal bottles.

Your product is more expensive than some of the other topical pain relievers available. How do you justify your price?

PRN Pain Relief Now is more expensive than some topical pain relievers on the Canadian market today, and less expensive than others. We could have created the cheapest pain spray possible if we wanted to, but Mountain Medicinals endeavored to create a quality product that actually works and would be recommended to others by the people using it. We strongly believe you are getting a product with active ingredients in amounts that will work to relieve your pain at a reasonable price. We want to have repeat customers that recommend PRN to their families and friends. This is what will separate a mediocre product from great product.

What are your shipping rates?

Currently we charge a flat rate of $7.99 plus G.S.T for shipping to most areas in Canada. The actual cost of shipping through Canada Post is $12-$20 depending on region so we do appreciate the fact that some customers are combining orders together with friends and family members.

What has been the largest reported side effect of Pain Relief Now?

Other than the intended effect of pain relief, which has been an overwhelming success, the only other side effect which has caused any discomfort in sensitive individuals has been a burning sensation from the Extra Strength Formula. This is to be expected as the Extra Strength is quite potent with high amounts of camphor peppermint and wintergreen oil. The Original Formula has proven to be well tolerated in these individuals while maintaining effective pain relief.

What types of pain has PRN Pain Relief Now been successful in treating?

Almost any type of mild to moderate painful conditions or injuries have been effectively managed with PRN. Our repeat customer base includes those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica nerve pain, sore joints, sore backs (including painful back spasms), muscle pain, and headaches.

What can I do to maximize my relief from PRN?

There has been a significant increase in relief felt by users who apply Pain Relief Now to the lower spine in addition to applying to the area in pain. In other words, If your knee is in pain, apply several sprays around the knee area and then apply several sprays to the lower back. The application to the lower back serves as a secondary opportunity to reduce the frequency and severity of “pain signals” from traveling to the brain.